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The MS-NFHL Web Map Viewer

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The MS-NFHL Web Map Viewer is a service provided by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality – Office of Geology. The purpose is to provide the public, state, city and county government officials a quick and easy low cost way to view and use FEMA GIS based Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) data. Additionally, the MS-NFHL Web Map Viewer is specifically intended to assist city and county floodplain management and building officials in their day to day work activities when quick and easy access to digital flood hazard data is required.

The flood hazard data used on the MS-NFHL Web Map Viewer is the Mississippi portion of FEMA’s National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL). The NFHL is a computer database that contains the flood hazard map information from FEMA’s Flood Map Modernization program. These map data are from Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) databases and Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs).When new Mississippi DFIRM data are adopted by county and local governments and have become effective, FEMA will add the new DFIRM data to the NFHL. MDEQ will then update the flood hazard data viewed in the MS-NFHL Web Map Viewer.

The MS-NFHL Web Map Viewer provides the capability of using the flood hazard data with a choice of street maps, shaded terrain, topographic, or orthophoto imagery base maps. Additionally, a measuring tool, address search, USGS Elevation Point Query Service, PLS section finder, and decimal degree Lat-Long locator are provided. A Layer List of PLS, NFHL hazard data, building footprints, and LiDAR colored elevation or grey hillshade are included in a dropdown menu where the user can turn them on/off and adjust the transparency level. The buildings appear when zoomed-in and are clickable to return an approximate ground elevation from LiDAR.

FEMA also provides a National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL) Viewer which has the capability of printing a NFHL FIRMette or Full FIRM. FEMA’s National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL) Viewer

For information or questions: Contact the MDEQ Office of Geology by e-mail - Stephen Champlin: schamplin@mdeq.ms.gov

Data Sources: Flood Hazard Data - FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer; Street Map, Topographic Map, Imagery - ESRI Web Map Service; Street Map and Imagery - Bing Map Service; Microsoft-generated Building Footprints data - Microsoft USBuilding Footprints, MDEQ Office of Geology added elevations using bare earth lidar, hosted by MARIS - MARIS Cadastral Layers; Lidar statewide mosaic data – MDEQ mosaiced multiple projects from different years, hosted by MARIS, see metadata - MARIS Elevation Layers