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Mississippi Flood Map
Modernization Initiative

The ability to plan for flood hazards and mitigation begins with accurate, updated flood maps. For years, this ability has been hampered by funding and time constraints placed on the system. Recognizing the need for adequate and accurate map production, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) developed the Flood Map Modernization Program (FMMP) to modernize the flood hazard mapping program, focused on enhancing and converting maps to a digital format. Mississippi, through a joint effort between the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), is participating with FEMA Region IV as a Mapping State and a Cooperating Technical Partner (CTP) by an agreement which was signed January 28, 2003. To implement this agreement and to manage the state’s flood mapping activities, the Mississippi Flood Map Modernization Initiative (MFMMI) was created.

By developing the FMMP, FEMA has created an opportunity for Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) to manage flood map development, enhancement, and production. Implementation of the FMMP will include a consideration and prioritization of areas of high growth, of high population densities, with excessive repetitive loss claims, with higher National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy bases, and with the ability to leverage other resources.


Mississippi’s first Mapping Activity Statement (MAS) under the FEMA Map Modernization Program (Map Mod) was signed in October of 2003 between MDEQ, MEMA and FEMA. In January 2004, MDEQ selected Mississippi Geographic Information, LLC (MGI) as the state’s map modernization contractor. 81 of Mississippi’s 82 counties were remapped during Map Mod (Rankin County was not mapped under Map Mod), including FEMA’s up dated coastal flood study methodology developed post-Katrina.

As of February 2011, all 82 counties had their new countywide preliminary Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs). The preliminary FIRMs for each county are available for viewing or download of pdf files by clicking on the Map Mod link and then selecting the county of interest.

FY2009 Transition to Risk MAP

The FY2009 FEMA funding year for DFIRM work is a transition year between the end of FEMA’s Map Mod Program (FY2003-2008), and FEMA’s new Risk MAP Program (FY2010-2014). Counties with new DFIRM work under the FY2009 FEMA funding include: DeSoto, George, Lauderdale, Lee, Rankin, Tate, Tunica, and Warren Counties. As they are delivered, the new preliminary FIRMs will be available for viewing or download of pdf files by clicking on the FY2009 link and then selecting the county of interest.

Risk MAP

Risk MAP is the successor to FEMA’s Map Modernization (Map Mod) program and expands the focus to include risk assessment, mitigation planning, and traditional hazard identification (flood mapping or DFIRM) activities. Risk MAP is meant to better inform communities as they make decisions related to reducing flood risk by implementing mitigation actions. Where Map Mod studies were county-wide based, Risk MAP studies are based on HUC_8 basins and may include portions or all of multiple counties and cities/towns. The initial 5-year Risk MAP program was funded for the years of FY2010 through FY2014. In addition to the traditional DFIRM regulatory products, non-regulatory products will be delivered to the communities to help in their flood mitigation and planning activities. As Basin Discovery Reports, preliminary Flood Insurance Studies (FIS) and new preliminary DFIRMs are delivered to communities/counties they will be available for download of the digital pdf files by clicking on the Risk MAP link and the selecting the county of interest.

Mississippi-National Flood Hazard Layer (MS-NFHL) Web Map Viewer

The MS-NFHL Web Map Viewer allows the user to view Mississippi’s portion of the NFHL, which includes the Special Flood Hazard Areas identified in the Effective FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs) covering Mississippi Counties and Cities.