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Environmental Geology - Geophysical Program

The Geophysical Logging Program has been continuously logging since the 1960’s. The program has been collecting and housing logs since the 1930’s.

  • Wireline logging capabilities are as follows:
    • 2,500 feet maximum depth
    • Tools
      • Gamma
      • Spontaneous Potential
      • Current
      • Resistivity
        • 8 ohms
        • 16 ohms
        • 32 ohms
        • 64 ohms

To reserve a date and time for logging contact Andrew Newcomb at 601-354-6328.

To donate logs to our library contact Paul C. Parrish at 601-354-6328.

To look up geophysical logs in your area of interest, please use the Boreholes tab on the top of page (or click here here).