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Environmental Geology - Lab and Sample Services

The Environmental Geology Division has an onsite lab at the N. West Street Facility. Sample washing, drying, sorting, and analysis is done for various Office of Geology and MDEQ projects.

Tools associated with the lab and its sample services are as follows:

  • Rock Saw (2) operational
  • 10-150X digital microscope/camera/camcorder (2)
  • Core sample coring drill
  • Microscopes/binocular (2)
  • Petrographic microscope
  • Fluorescence box
  • Digital scales
  • Bunsen burners
  • Lab glass
  • Drying lights
  • Sample wash station
  • Centrifuge
  • Heat plate for melting point tests
  • Rotap and sieves
*Lab only available for in house research and core study by outside researchers

Rock Saw
Winona Sand
Coffee Sand
Goethite on Hattiesburg Siltstone