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GPS shorelines are grouped by years.  Shorelines represent the HWL (high water line) surveyed using GPS units in kinematical mode.  Accuracy of shoreline location is generally better than 5 meters.  For a discussion of accuracies please see Coastal GPS Accuracies and Hutchins and Oivanki.  Each year's coverage varies; to view the extent of coverage use the quick view link. 

GPS Shorelines

Data File (Shapefile) Quick View (PDF)


1993 MS Shoreline 1993Q-view 1993 metadata
1994 MS Shoreline 1994Q-view 1994 metadata
1995 MS Shoreline 1995Q-view 1995 metadata
1996 MS Shoreline 1996Q-view 1996 metadata
1997 MS Shoreline 1997Q-view 1997 metadata
1998 MS Shoreline 1998Q-view 1998 metadata
1999 MS Shoreline 1999Q-view 1999 metadata
2000 MS Shoreline 2000Q-view 2000 metadata
2001 MS Shoreline 2001Q-view 2001 metadata
2002 MS Shoreline 2002Q-view 2002 metadata
2003 MS Shoreline 2003Q-view 2003 metadata

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